LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World Season 6 Episod 4 Is It Fake Final Builds Brick Bracket

LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World Season 6 Episode 4

Challenge – ‘Is it Fake? 2.0’

The LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World teams must use LEGO to recreate, as accurately as possible, a prop they select from a boulangerie, aka. French café. Special guest (again) Sophie Monk will then have 60 seconds to identify the seven LEGO items they build within the setting.

Brickman will also be scoring the builds out of 20. He tells teams that picking an object at the back corner, will be judged differently to those at the front of the cafe. He will be looking at the side by side. If teams are able to fool the guest judge, they will receive an additional 3 points.

Hamish also advises the team, the its an elimination! Not so usual for an episode 4 in LEGO Masters Australia.

After winning yet another challenge in episode 3, Annelena and Felix are not only safe from elimination, but they have an advantage for this challenge. They get 30 seconds head start to choose their item from the store.

LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World Season 6 Episod 4 Is It Fake Final Builds Brick Bracket

Charlie (VIC) & Haley (QLD) – Australia

In a bold move, the Charlie and Haley have picked a high thin plant table. They have picked it as it’s a subtle piece in the cafe display which should go unnoticed. Plus hopefully, it will be steong enough to hold the vase on top of it.

Eric & Ben (NSW) – Australia

The guys picked a chessboard with chess pieces that was sitting at the front of the cafe. A risky move being so close to the guest to judge, but also something that is hopefully achievable. Ben identifies that building the chess pieces will be the difficult part, to keep them small but accurate.

Dianne & Shane (WA) – Australia

Straight off the bat, Shane says how they have picked the most difficult item. A small wooden wheelbarrow. He says how wood grain is very hard to do, with Brickman backing this. They will be building it out of mostly plates, which means they’ll likely have the highest brick-count out of any team.

At the 8-hour mark, Hamish lets teams know they can choose to swap their item for another if they want. Shame and Dianne take up the offer. Selecting a painted picture and frame off the wall. A risky move, as Peter and Ida moved away from their framed pictured to cakes.

They decide to do the painting as a mosaic, and get to work on the frame.

Krystle & Michelle – USA

The USA was very quick to grab a red vintage radio, beating Ben and Eric to it. It’s a nice bold, square shape. The challenge is in Michelle wheel-house, as she likes building replicas of items at home.

The challenging part for the team is replicating the big clear dial on the front, the most difficult part to build of the radio.

Camille & Caroline – France

This could almost be a home ground advantage for this team with the strong French theme. They have picked a cake on a stand for their build, saying they picked it just because of the flag. In terms of shape, colour and texture, Brickman tells them it’s one of the hardest builds to choose.

Ida & Peter – Denmark

Taking the longest to pick their item, the team settled on a photo frame with a cross-stitch picture inside. They feel it blended into the cafe and not so noticeable. But as Peter struggles to find enough gold pieces to build the frame, the team are handed a lifeline.

At the 8-hour mark, Hamish lets teams know they can choose to swap their item for another if they want. Peter and Idea choose to do it. Selecting a tray of cakes.

They have discovered that this might be just as tricky, as the cakes are in a paper wrapper that also needs to be replicated.


Annalena & Felix – Germany

Clearly knowing their building skill level, Annalena and Fleix didn’t hold back in the item they picked to build. Two suitcases, one opened over flowing with knitting items. Felix identifies the cases as being hard, due to the curved edges and focusing on all the small details. Plus having to recreate four balls of wool in colours that aren’t available. Definitely a good risk for a team with immunity.

Brickman’s Judging

Shane & Dianne picture and frame, Brickman is impressed by the greebling on the frame. He also likes how they exicuted the picture.

For Ida & Peter, Brickman is pleased with the use of spring to create the icing on the cake, because it doesn’t look like LEGO bricks. Also highlight that the paper looks great for such a tricky object.

Ben and Eric have the chessboard, the first item that could be seen in the cafe. Brickman is impressed with the NPU for the chess pieces. He says the team is really starting to show their skills.

Krystle and Michelle, Brickman points out that the dial is the hardest part of this model. But is happy with their build.

Camille & Caroline feel their build is easily recognised as LEGO bricks. Brickman points out the dome of the cake is the hardest part. He says the team will need the 3 points from the guest judge to help them.

Felix and Annalena, are impressed that the team took two items, being 2 suitcases to challenge themselves. He is impressed most by the degree of difficultly that they attempted.

Charlie and Haley, Brickman identifies their is a dark brown that’s more suitable, but has limited part options. So they made a good choice on colour. He critics the placement of the legs not matching the real thing.

The Guests Guesses

Sophie Monk, the special guest, has 60 seconds to pick the 7 items she thinks are the LEGO builds. The time starts, and Sophie immediately identifies the chess board by Ben and Eric, followed by the red radio by team USA. Next she spots Camille and Caroline’s cake. Saying ‘no way it can’t be the art work’, she takes another look, locking in Shane and Dianne’s build.

With four out of the three builds picked so far, she starts struggling to spot the rest. Spotting a croissant, a weight machine a blue pot, all non-LEGO items.

Annalena & Felix, Ida & Peter and Charlie and Haley’s items did not get spotted. All getting three points.

Top Teams

In the top two teams, Annalena & Felix, alongside  Ida & Peter.

Ida & Peter scoring 17 points for the built, plus 3 points for not being guessed making it 20.

Annalena & Felix scoring 18 points for the built, plus 3 points for not being guessed making it 21. Winning their 4th challenge in a row.

Scoring And Elimination

Ben & Eric – 17 points

Shane & Dianne – 16 points

Michelle & Krystle – 16 points

Charlie & Haley –  13 points plus the special guests 3 points, making 16 points in total.

Camille & Caroline – 15 points

This means, Camille & Caroline scored the lowest, meaning they will be leaving the competition. Unfortunately in a French theme challenge of all. Congrats on all their efforts!

Episode 5 tomorrow night is ‘Battle-Bot Wars’, be sure to check back in here at Brick Banter to see it all!

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