LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World Season 6 Episode 8 New Olympic Sport Challenge Final Builds Brick Bracket

LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World Season 6 Episode 8 Recap

Challenge – ‘New Olympic Sport’

LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World teams help Hamish pitch brand-new sports to be included in the Olympic Games. They do it by building visual representations of the creative and inspiring new Olympic sports.

The new sports that will be allocated to the teams are, Jet Pack Hockey, Cake Launching, Banana Sledding, Elephant Jumping and Iron Neck. With only the title, LEGO Masters teams will have to interpret the sport how they choose.

As winners of the last challenge, Annalena and Felix get to choose what teams will get what sports, they choose Elephant Jumping for themselves.

Dianne & Shane got Cake Launching, Ben & Eric got Jet Pack Hockey, Peter & Ida got Iron Neck and Krystle & Michelle got Banana Sledding.

LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World Season 6 Episode 8 New Olympic Sport Challenge Final Builds Brick Bracket

Eric & Ben (NSW) – Australia

Sport: Jet Pack Hockey

Building in the style of a diorama, Ben and Eric decide to have the players in the air playing hockey. They even made Hamish his own personalised Hockey Stick! I feel like the boys had a lot of fun with this build, and it shows!

Dianne & Shane (WA) – Australia

Sport: Cake Launching

After an early direction change, Dianne and Shame settle on a catapult that Hamish can hit, launching a cake flying into the sky! So the idea of the sport, countries would bring their own cakes to be launched. The cake for Australia was a fantastic choice… Can you guess? Of course, lamingtons!

I will be intrested to see how the launching of the cakes goes!

Krystle & Michelle – USA

Sport: Banana Sledding

Taking a realistic approach, Krystle and Michelle decide to build a ramp, where athletes would ride a banana down, launching into the air. But, they are also getting terrorised by Monkeys at the same time! As a super fun competitive shout out, their banana sleds are marked with the USA and Germany flags! Brickman was concerned about the angle of the ramp, which the team was smart to adjust before the final buzzer. I feel max from LEGO Masters Season 4 would have loved this one.

Ida & Peter – Denmark

Sport: Iron Neck

Receiving the most obscure sport, Ida and Peter have developed a fantastic idea! The athletes wear a brace, which is then stacked with household items, where you have to make the tallest stack possible. It will be made with the plan for host Hamish to wear it, which I feel is a great idea!

In an hilarious turn of events, when Hamish pitched their build to Brickman, it came tumbling down, smashing all over the floor. I for one love this concepted and the way they created the build!

Annalena & Felix – Germany

Sport: Elephant Jumping

Having never seen an elephant jump from a cliff, Annalena and Felix thought it would be fun to have an elephant on a snow board jumping type of sport. Judges would give points for the elephants style of the jump. Of course, the team are plannign to build the biggest model in the room. I love the size of this build and the elephant wearing a beanie, I feel is very adorable!

Final Judging

In the top two, Ben and Eric and alongside them Shane and Dianne. This is the first time we have had an Australian top two which is huge! Brickman loves that Shane and Dianne’s build allowed you to actually do the sport, saying that it showed they listened to the brief.

He liked Ben and Eric diorama, with the addition of Hamish’s hockey stick getting them extra point. Winning the BIG brick, Ben and Eric!

In episode 9, is the ‘Land of the giants’ challenge. Check back here at to see all the builds!


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