LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World Season 6 Episod 9 Land Of The Giants challenge Final Builds Brick Banter

LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World Season 6 Episode 9 Recap

Challenge – ‘Land of the Giants’

LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World teams are tasked with a base plate representing a typical room in a house (kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, bedroom). They are building Minifigures living in the land of the giants surrounded by and using life-size items found around the home.

With Ben and Eric being holders of the BIG Brick after their win in the ‘New Olympic Sport‘ challenge, they get to choose the rooms for the other teams.

For themselves, they choose the bedroom. Giving Shane and Dianne the kitchen, Krystle and Michelle the living room, Peter and Ida the bathroom, leaving Annalena and Felix with the dining room.

The teams are advised there is no elimination for this build, and they have 10-hours to build!

Eric & Ben (NSW) – Australia


Feeling like the Bedroom set has a lot of opportunities for stories, the boys are building a spider invasion. With the toy being outposts and other items used as weaponry.

Brickman’s Judging

Brickman says conflict is a great way to tell a story, and adding a bed which creates a 2nd wall is a smart way to frame the build. He would have loved to see more Minifigs using the toys as weapons.

Dianne & Shane (WA) – Australia


Tapping into some real life inspiration, Shane points out that Dianne isn’t great in the kitchen. This gives the team their idea for the build. They are going to have LEGO Minifigures, trying to make a cake! It’ll have a whole bunch of little stories of things going wrong, with the wrong ingrediants going in and so on.

Brickman’s Judging

Taking us to the kitchen, Brickman thinks their choice of items and colour are great. He also loves all the whacky Minifig stories.


Krystle & Michelle – USA

Living Room

Playing on a great stereotype, what does every lounge room have? A TV. They are building a lifesize TV, with LEGO Minifigures causing a little trouble with the VHS tapes.

Brickman’s Judging

Brickman thinks picking an alternate time period an interesting choice. He loves the small details they have added throughout, and enjoys the Minifig hi-jinx. Saying they have ticked the box for human scale, saying he thinks it’s the teams best build yet.

Ida & Peter – Denmark


Wanting to stand out from the other teams, Ida and Peter are going to use some toilet humour. Learning to potty train, a little girl has peed all over the floor. With the LEGO Minifigures as the good guys, they will be coming to clean up the mess.

Brickman’s Judging

Brickman says he can see the story of the cleaning, but has issues with the scale, saying it’s a little small. He likes the duck, as it makes it more obvious that it’s a bathroom, but would have liked a biggest item to show that.

Annalena & Felix – Germany

Dining Room

Finding the dining room a bit of a tricky one, the team are working within their strengths. Annalena is of course making some animals, with Felix making some crockery. The Minifigures will be building a castle out of the crockery. Brickman jumps in early providing feedback that their story needs some work.

They change to have the rat fighting against the Minifigures, to get all the cheese from the tea party.

Brickman’s Judging

Brickman finds it funny that all the Minifigures in the build represent Annalena. He likes that there is a battle line between the good guys and bad guys. He loves the rat, but feels its placement could have been elsewhere.


Being called forward first in the top two is Krystle and Michelle, followed by Shane and Dianne. Brickman says they are two really well composed builds, but it’s Krystle and Michelle taking out the win for today.

LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World returns next week, with a challenge that looks amazing! The Batman episode!



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