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LEGO Masters Germany Season 1

The hit reality television show LEGO Masters began in the current format in 2019, with Australia paving the way for the rest of the world. We have seen the United States follow in a similar, yet slightly shinier format, followed by Germany, Sweden and Poland. Although each series is unique bring us new contestants and new creativity, it's interesting to see how their builds vary when faced with the same challenges. 

Hosted by TV personality Daniel Hartwich with LEGO Certified Professional René Hoffmeister as judge. The format keeps to the Aussie set up with very little changed in the set layout. Our teams are Moritz & Pascal, Annalena & Felix, Lidiana & Hubert, Juliane & Varda, Frank & Luca, and Alexander & Björn. We see a shorter season due to Covid, it's safe to assume they had to limit the number of people into the studio. You will see a lot of familiar builds that you may have seen in LEGO Masters from around the world. Images were difficult to come by, so we have used the ones from the contestant's social media pages. Sorry! 

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Episode 1 - Mega Cities Challenge

Episode 2 - Hero Shot Challenge