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LEGO Masters Poland Season 1

The hit reality television show LEGO Masters began in the current format in 2019, with Australia paving the way for the rest of the world. We have seen the United States follow in a similar, yet slightly shinier format, followed by Germany, Sweden and Poland. Although each series is unique bring us new contestants and new creativity, it's interesting to see how their builds vary when faced with the same challenges. 

LEGO Masters Poland is hosted by Marcin Prokop who is a journalist and TV/Radio personality, alongside two judges, Ola Mirecka, a LEGO designer who worked on Friends and Pawel Duda, plus an AFOL who runs a channel on YouTube called Bearded Geek. The format keeps to the Aussie set up with very little changed in the set layout. Our teams are Łukasz Więcek & Damian Krępa, Marcin Feltynowski & Marta Kulka, Joanna Krysztoforska & Kajetan Jeznach, Daniel Korcz & Wiktor Korcz, Rafał Zub & Jakub Pleśniarski and Agnieszka Anikiej & Maciej Kośmicki. It was a shorter season due to Covid, so unfortuently we only got awesome five episodes.

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Episode 1 - Mega Cities Challenge

Episode 2 - Total Destruction