• Tim and Dannii

Being A Breast Feeding Contestant On Reality TV - LEGO Masters BTS

Most people wouldn't know I was a breastfeeding mother on season 2 of LEGO Masters. This presented many challenges and struggles that no one else had to deal with, making my experience a little unique.

Being a breastfeeding mother is hard. Even more so, mum-guilt is hard.

Before I start, I want to say that everyone was incredibly supportive, not once did I ever feel like I couldn’t ask for help or made to feel uncomfortable by the producers, contestants, and everyone in-between. Everyone always acted with best intentions and I am grateful for all the support I received.

Being a breastfeeding mother is hard. Even more so, mum-guilt is hard. All I could think was ‘I breastfed my first daughter for a year, I have to give my other child the same amount of love and dedication, or it simply isn’t right’. With this thought tormenting me, I decided to continue breastfeeding Zaidia who was 8-months old when filming began. I was all set with my pump, breast milk storage bags, ice packs and eskies, I would travel back home every weekend with the next 5 days of breast milk for my daughter. She still had formula as a back-up, in case of emergency.

There was a lot of trial and error in the first week or two. I had been given a nice large, private, space to pump in, in the mornings, during lunch breaks and end of filming if needed. The only downside of this was that I had to be driven away from my new friends and the delicious food and it used all of my downtimes, so while everyone had a casual lunch break and bonded, I was stressing that I couldn’t pump fast enough or eat fast enough to be back on time. After two or three days of this, I was feeling very excluded and isolated, so I requested to pump in our pop-up change rooms inside the green room. I figured Annie would sit with me and chat to me while I pumped since she too had been a breastfeeding mum earlier in the year, hoping she would be with us for quite some time. Stupid elimination build ruined that. But she did give me some of her leftover breastfeeding supplements before she left us! Best Human.

Pumping before filming ended up causing too many scheduling delays. So, I began getting out of bed at 4 am every morning to be able to do a proper full pump before getting picked up at 6 am. Which made me a little more tired, and bit crankier than I’d like to admit until I adjusted. So, by week 2, I had lost the only person who completely understood the world of a breastfeeding mum, I was having less sleep than most and missed out on a lot of weekend bonding. But at least we had finally established a routine that worked. The next issue was that the stress of the competition and breastfeeding hit my usually super-awesome immune system HARD, allowing my sinus infection to become so severe that on my second weekend home, I ended up in emergency. Now anyone could have experienced this, however being a breastfeeding mother, I could only have very limited medication. During our fairy tale challenge, I was very dopey from the painkillers, and I was struggling to build a simple wall, Tim ended up tearing it down and rebuilding it. Later on, I also got hit with tonsilitis and had to be put on penicillin for the first time, which turns out, it makes me very nauseous. Don’t get me wrong, in no way was I being put in an unfair position, lots of us got sick and we all just pushed through it. I don’t think anyone considered it a disadvantage until someone was left without half their team.