• Sam Hardy

Sorting & Creating Custom Categories: BrickLink Studio Tips & Tricks

One of the fun of playing with infinite bricks is having access to almost every part in the LEGO library. But where to start? This article will show some tips and tricks to help get you to sort out your own personal library using Bricklink Studio.

Coming Across From Digital Designer

One of the biggest questions is how to set up the Bricklink Studio interface to feel more like LDD. Digital Designer has all of it's parts split up by colour and shape.

While both programs are identical in what they do, build with bricks, there's a few fundamental changes in how they operate that has confused a few newcomers to the scene. Studio has everything sorted by shape with colour applied afterwards. However a similar system can be used when building from an imported set, which we I will discuss later in the article.

Sorting Out Which Parts Are Which

Starting outbuilding can be a bit frustrating to see a cool piece used in a set and have no idea what it is.

Tiles, plates, bricks, panels, jumpers, slopes, bars and minifigs are all common element names that can be found in the Master section of the Shapes list. While all of these categories can be found by scrolling through the list, they can be searched manually. These are all context-sensitive by type and stud size. So typing in "1x2" will give you anything that meets that dimension. This is also handy for trying to track down a piece, try using descriptive terms such as round, clips or handles, hinge or bars. Also try unusual combinations, 3x2 for instance is a quick way to track down the modified plate with a rounded edge and a hole. You can also try adding "modified" to bring up any pieces that have been modified from the norm such as decorated bricks or parts with clips or handles. Minifig items fall under utensil. The brick icon next to the search toggles decorated or un-decorated and is handy for if you just want to build without decorated brick variants clogging the menu.


'New Parts', used to highlight what was released in the latest update, 'Hidden Parts' for items you don't want to see (found by right-clicking on a brick in pallet and pressing hide) and 'Custom Parts' for anything that came through Parts Designer.