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Dating Tips For LEGO Nerds: Let The Bricks Guide You To Love

How To Find Your SIGFIGicant Other

In The LEGO World

Do you completely brick it at the thought of heading out on a date? Do you dream of being more confident in the pursuit of getting a LEGO-ver? Are you a stud that’s not on top? Fear not my friends, for I am here to tell you that there is indeed hope for all the single AFOLs and proud LEGO nerds out there!

Yes, if I can find true love and my happy ever after, then you can too! Even better you can use our favourite building block of choice to help in your quest for love, lust and everything in between. Strap yourself in as we explore 10 hot tips for finding your perfect Minifig match.

Size Does Matter

Oh yes, it does! That huge collection of LEGO bricks you have hiding in your sin closet, break it out baby! Brag about it, I promise you that the object of your desire is going to find 100,000 bricks sexier than a single classic bricks box. Don’t be ashamed that your treasure is enormous, embrace it, display it with pride.

Find Common Ground

A huge part of impressing a first date is finding things that you have in common. You would be amazed how easily you can bring LEGO into a conversation. Then expand on this to steer the topic into our favourite subject, let me give you an example.

“Do you like to travel? Have you been to New York? Did you visit the Statue of Liberty? Have you got the architecture set?.” You see how easy that was?! Simple dating conversation 101. Within seconds we are talking about LEGO and a scary conversation is now one that you are excited about.