• Sam Hardy

Designing The Big Stuff - We Chat To Matt Graham from LEGOLAND in Dallas

Matt Graham is a master model builder assistant at the LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Fort Worth, Dallas. We chatted with him to gain an insight into what goes on behind the scenes at a Discovery Center that isn't Chadstone.

Photos from CBS 11 / LegoLand Discovery / Matt Graham

We all remember our first set. Which one was yours and do you happen to still have it? My first set was 4667 from the four juniors theme and I do still have it! I got a few more from that theme before evolving into the more 'older kid' sets.

Beep beep!

What sets and lines were you most attracted to growing up? I was pretty big into Ninjago and Friends in past years surprisingly! I like ninjas and bright colours!

If you could raid LEGO's vault what would you dig out? If I could raid the LEGO vault, I would definitely take a look at anything from the adventurer's theme, I love all of those sets, I can’t pick just one!

Matt is nicknamed Johnny Thunder by his mates.

Have you ever looked at some of the classic era "LEGOLAND" sets from the 80's and 90s?

Yes, I have seen a bunch of those classic sets. They have a lot of very unique designs, I actually own a few still in sealed boxes as well!

We all eventually seem to have a LEGO dark age. Did you have yours? And what brought you back into LEGO? I actually never had a dark age with LEGO, I have been into LEGO my entire life

Building LEGO on a professional basis is many AFOL’s dream.

How did you come about joining up with TDC in Denver? I began working at LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Fort Worth, Dallas after competing in a competition! Had to make it through three difficult LEGO building rounds plus an interview just to get the job. Each round of competition was to build something of the 'round theme' in 30 minutes. We had to use an extremely limited selection of bricks and we had to build in front of a very large crowd that gathered to watch! The rounds in my competition were baseball, something with a sphere, and something about you. So I built a baseball stadium seat for round one, a news anchor microphone for round two, and a small LEGO version of a local LEGO club I used to attend for round three.