• Tim and Dannii

LEGO Masters BTS: What It's Like Working Alongside Brickman & Hamish

Learning how to be a LEGO Master, when Hamish Blake is distracting you...

Being on a show like LEGO Masters Australia is an experience like no other. A large part of that is the people you get to meet and the people you get to work with. A large part of my own experiences with the show was learning to build alongside my partner, who is also my life-partner, and learning how to grow as an individual. This involved learning how to manage my stresses, learning to listen, and learning when to take on critical advice.

So where does this all fit in with Brickman and Hamish? Well, I’ll break it down into two halves, one half being the ever-humorous Hamish Blake, and the other being the Brickman himself.

There is a very good point worth mentioning first. I discovered on the show as it was happening, that Hamish and Brickman legitimately had no idea who was on the other side of the door when the roller door went up. They also didn’t investigate our backstories or know anything about us before the show began, that way every interaction, every moment, was genuine.

Hamish Blake

But alas, moving forward, Hamish Blake is fantastic. He ended up being my “anchor” in the competition. The thing that grounded me to reality when everything else seemed too much. I would simply look up and around the room, see him there, and think; “My God, I’m actually here, aren’t I?”

There are a lot of interactions we had with Hamish that didn’t end up airing on TV, we talked about Dungeons and Dragons, Lord of the Rings, our kids and even Skyrim. But for the things that did end up on TV, all interactions are genuine and none are scripted, even the creation of the hashtag #timisnotawuss.

Random side note, Hamish is taaaaall.