It's Knights Vs Ninjas At LEGO Bricks & Pieces In February

I mean... January was pretty good, with over 100 new delicious LEGO sets for us to get our dirty little hands on. While your wallet was still recovering from Jan 1st, just like that LEGO smacks us in the face with more goodness! BAM! Have a LEGO Ninjago Gardens. BAM! Have a Medieval Blacksmith without goats! If you think this trend will end, it won't. LEGO has plenty more sets ready to keep you poor throughout the year.

But, before you figure out how you're going to be eating this week, check this out! Our mate Wade Davey from the Melbourne LEGO User Group has compiled the February list of new pieces from LEGO Shop Bricks & Pieces. Two new sets being the Ninjago Gardens and the Medieval Blacksmith have dominated the list, with some fun new parts that could add that lil' something extra to your MOC. Let's take a look.

LEGO 21325 - LEGO Ideas Medieval Blacksmith

No. No goats. Let it go!

But what do you get from the crumbs of this set? An army! It will be a safe bet of 2 silver coins that AFOLs will be buying up this armour, weaponry and animals (no goats) to create their own Medieval village. You'll be able to recreate your own Medieval plague, 700-years before plagues were cool.