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LEGO Bricks & Pieces Have Given Us 141 Fun New Elements For March!

There is never a quiet month in the LEGO world, with February and March bring us the new Vidiyo range, seven amazing Monkie King sets, more Ninjago and some Bionicle. Jokes, just checking if you were reading... As always, a huge thank you to Wade Davey from the Melbourne LEGO User Group for compiling the list!

So what does this all mean? New colours! New parts! More MOC opportunities!!! Let's take a looky see, shall we?

LEGO Vidiyo - New Parts For March

We knew LEGO Vidiyo was coming for quite some time, we just didn't know how or what it would look like. The beatboxes give us some rather large new elements, but also some fun colourful base plates. It will be interesting to see what the MOC'ing world create with these, at the moment I can't see their potential, but I know others who will.

LEGO Ninjago - New Parts For March

Unfortunately, LEGO Ninjago hasn't given us too many new parts this time around. A lot of the sets are essentially re-releases, which means parts have been around for a little while. But this also means those parts you missed out on a while ago are back! In saying that, here are the noob pieces, if that gold headdress isn't catching your eye just yet, it eventually will!

LEGO Monkie Kid - New Parts For March

So. Many. Options! If you picked up the new LEGO Monkie Kid 80024 - The Legendary Flower Fruit Mountain, or even two of them, you might be wanting to add more monkey family members to the set. Here is your chance. Stock up, mix and match!

Let's not forget those blue pearl elements used in the waterfalls. Such a good colour with loads of options! The new green rope is flippin' amazing for any forest scene also.

We have reviewed each one of the new Monkie Kid set, check them out here in more detail.

LEGO Marvel - New Parts For March

Not much to report here... Sorry.

LEGO Friends & LEGO Dots - New Parts For March

Some interesting new elements here from Friends and Dots. Everyone loves a printed tile, but what stands out is the LEGO Dots key chains. With the handing options, MOCs could get pretty creative and use in unusual ways. Plus animals, who doesn't freakin love little animals!

LEGO Disney Raya - New Parts For March

The new Disney Raya range has provided us with some very pretty new parts. That 3 stud slope is making appearances all over the place, a gold canoe plus more blue pearl elements like what we saw in the Monkie Kid theme. Some great little gems in this theme.

Bricks & Pieces for March may not be available right away. You can find the store here, but you might need to keep checking back for when the items are in stock.

For the full list of Element ID, Design ID and Part Names, simply download this PDF file below. A huge thank you to Wade Davey from the Melbourne LEGO User Group for compiling the list!

Download PDF • 2.71MB

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