• Tim and Dannii

Review: LEGO 21326 - Disney's Winnie The Pooh - Plus A Speed Build Video Of The Set!

LEGO Ideas #34 - LEGO 21326 - Winnie The Pooh

Not too long ago, people were losing their mind over the Sesame Street set as it indulged their inner child, and now LEGO has done it again with Disney's Winnie the Pooh. Although the original submission on LEGO Ideas was Christopher Robin's house, we are instead receiving the more iconic home of Pooh Bear and we think this is much better. For lovers of Disney, such as myself, we tend to expect important details of our most cherished characters- so how does this set hold up?

The Exterior

Pooh's House is simply adorable. It has a whimsical charm about it that draws you in for a closer look. I found my self searching for the important details that I would expect LEGO to include, 'Hunny' bees, Mr Sanders sign and an unusual number of empty honey pots which are all accounted for.