• Tim and Dannii

Review: LEGO 70435 Hidden Side - Newbury Abandoned Prison

The LEGO Hidden Side wave has been something that we’ve been keeping an eye on since it’s first initial release. The entire first wave introduced a new adaptive way of gameplay and interactivity, and the sets introduced a variety of new parts and cool looking new enemies to collect… But now that we are three waves of sets in, does it still hold up?

The Hidden Side sets, to my knowledge, have been silently cancelled, with no new announcements coming from the LEGO Group for a 2021 release of new sets. We are fortunate enough to have a few sets already from all three of the Hidden Side waves, so we thought it would be best to look at a set we wouldn’t normally buy, a more urban-based Hidden Side set.

The Newbury Abandoned Prison set 70435 follows a seemingly reoccurring trope with some of the newer sets of late; having one long straight edge, and then a 45-degree bend at the ends with some sort of structure. They did it for the Harry Potter Quidditch Set, Hidden Side Graveyard Mystery set, Spider-Man Bike Rescue… honestly, look up $25-$75 sets on LEGO.com and you’ll see it.

This particular set follows this same sort of trope, now there is nothing wrong with that, but it does get a little old quick. We’ll be honest, this layout is probably one of the reasons why we were expecting that this set, at face value, may not be worth the money.

But our opinions changed, and we’ll explain why;

The Set

We are honestly surprised are the sheer amount of detail that they snooker away in this set. Each cell on the sides has sliding door access at the front, using the somewhat rarer light grey 2x8 plates with curve found normally in the Creator Modulars, as well as even an abandoned bed, the basic idea of using a 2x2 corner tile to really give it an ‘unmade’ feel.

Despite the very-obvious towers that adorn the build on the box-art, the build also hides away a few features you don’t see on the box, such as the toilet with rag-on-a-stick, a few glasses and bottles hidden about, and even the newspaper articles spread across the walls.

Now, this set is stickers GALORE. If you don’t like stickers, you probably won’t like this set. It feels like almost every second wall has a sticker, and those stickers have stickers, but this is what conveys the abandoned aesthetic of the set. Unfortunately,