• Tim and Dannii

LEGO 76170 - Marvel - Iron Man Vs. Thanos - Set Review

LEGO 76170 - Marvel - Iron Man Vs. Thanos

LEGO needs to be given some credit as of late, as a lot of their +4 sets in the recent year and a half that have been surprisingly top-notch builds, with good figures to boot! Spider-Man sets, Star Wars sets and so on, all of them making even AFOLs do a double-take to see what is on offer.

Yes, +4 sets are designed to be little more than a quick snap-together-and-play set, but these things have little gems that pique my curiosity. We’ve managed to get our hands on 76170 – Iron Man Vs. Thanos for a quick snapshot review! Let’s take a quick look at this Jet and all, and see what gems this has to offer!

The figures that come in this set are not new and are the figures from 76141 – Thanos Mech and 76140 – Iron Man Mech. Thanos himself comes with the one expression and mood, angry, which is simply adorable on this scale. The colour palette mimics the original Thanos’ first appearance in LEGO 76049 – Avenjet Space Mission, but some would debate that he is the version from 76107 – Thanos Ultimate Battle. The one drawback to this figure is that they have now swapped his normally printed legs with standard solid dark-blue.

Iron Man however is a different flip, with admittedly myself not knowing which version of Iron Man this is. MK 22? MK 384? Someone will tell me, either way, the figure uses the new helmet mould instead of the old two-piece flip-up design, which I personally prefer and keeps his previous version’s leg printing, which might I add, is amazing. Leg, hip and toe printing. *Kiss noise*