• Tim and Dannii

LEGO 76175 - Marvel Spider-Man - Attack On The Spider Lair Review

LEGO 76175 - Attack on the Spider Lair

As far as all the Marvel superheroes go, nobody will ever topple the influence of Spider-Man on younger kids, the young charismatic hero, the cool suits and the repertoire of allies and villains alike. Looking back over the history of LEGO and the tie-ins with the superhero, he’s one of the longer-lasting hero figures.

First, Batman got his own lair with armour suit display, then Ironman followed suit in the wake of Ironman 3 and Endgame. So now it’s time for the next hero in line to get his own equivalent, and who else than the titular web-slinger himself?

With so many alternate universe versions of Spider-Man (Spider-verse), it seems like this was a natural evolution for LEGO to take to try and ramp up the collectability of the entire theme and make increase the likelihood of people turning around and buying some of the older sets too.

What we get is LEGO 76175 – Attack on the Spider Lair, the poor-mans Iron Armoury. It seems Venom and Green Goblin have broken into the hero’s secret base, and wreaking as much havoc as they possibly can on our hero. Equipped with a supercomputer, Spider-Armoury, Jail, Vehicle station and lots of fun distractions to boot, there is a lot to unpack here, so let’s dig in!