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Review: LEGO 80014 - Sandy's Speedboat - Monkie Kid

LEGO 80014 - Sandy's Speedboat - Monkie Kid

The LEGO Monkie Kid Range seems to have split the AFOL community right down the middle, whether it be the parts-per-price ratio or the weird and different aesthetic of it all, with die-hard AFOLs having plenty to say about this theme.

Monkie Kid is about a kid and a....blue guy fighting...uhh...we aren't completely sure...

Now we've been pretty afar from the whole conversation, never really putting our foot in the door, it's not been a range that interested us, and we aren't people to rip on or judge a theme for not being for "us".

So what happens when we are given a chance to review one of the Monkie Kid sets first-hand? Well, let's take a look!

What's In The Box

The Monkie Kid sets follow the traditional LEGO set format of having "Conflict in a box", a good summary of characters with enough story elements for kids to come up with their own narratives.

Although the theme is based around the legend of Sun Wukong, the great monkey-king warrior of legend, LEGO take their own twist with the theme by adding whacky and different characters to the story to make their own version.

It is clear that there is a large boat-based vehicle coming to the rescue, alongside a hoverboard, to rescue our chef-in-distress from a Spider-Queen. That's clear. That's awesome.