LEGO Announces A Fourth Theme In The Final 90th Anniversary Fan Vote!

Bionicle taking out the number one spot in the fan vote created a massive conversation in the LEGO community, with outrage that this theme would top the list, while Castle got split into multiple categories. Read more about it here. In a twist that no one saw coming, LEGO has decided to make the Top 3, now a Top 4 competition, with some creative accounting based on popular demand.

LEGO released this announcement below:

Fan Vote - The Final Vote: Help Celebrate the 90th Anniversary of The LEGO Group is open!

Round one is over, it's time for round two!

First off, with over 77,000 people participating in this fan vote, we have been absolutely blown away by the incredible interest and support. So thank you to everyone who made their voices heard in this fan vote. We have seen every single one of your votes and comments both on LEGO Ideas and off, it's mind-blowing how excited you all are. And we are too!

Enough of that. We've said thank you to you all, but you want to know what the top three will be!

The top three voted themes were:

  1. Bionicle

  2. Classic Space

  3. Pirates

With a monumental amount of support, you can see the full numbers for each theme below:

  1. Bionicle - 24799

  2. Classic Space - 18171

  3. Pirates - 15884

  4. Trains - 14855

  5. Adventurers - 13988

  6. Classic Castle -12603