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LEGO Australia Puts On A Giant Display At The Sydney Opera House

LEGO Australia Rebuilds The World this holiday season with a giant build at the iconic Sydney Opera House!

In Sydney today, one of our good AFOL friends popped down to the Sydney Opera House to capture some detailed photos of the giant display by the Harbour. The balls, imported from the model making workshop in the U.S, Australia's Ryan 'Brickman' McNaught added the finishing touches with some local inspiration. Check out the pics below of this mornings release, and for the full PR announcement, scroll down.

LEGO Australia's PR Announcement

LEGO® Australia is excited to be inspiring children and families once again through their remarkable Christmas Giant builds and, thanks to an exciting partnership with the Sydney Opera House, the activation will take centre stage on the iconic Forecourt.

Inspired by children’s passions including Animals, Vehicles, Arts & Crafts and Music, four giant Christmas Tree baubles will be on show to inspire and develop the builders of today and tomorrow, whilst also spreading some Holiday cheer. Led by a global team of LEGO designers including the only LEGO Certified Professional in the Southern Hemisphere, Ryan ‘The Brickman’ McNaught, LEGO has partnered with some iconic faces to showcase the endless creative possibilities LEGO offers.

Former Olympian, Mother of Four and Doctor Jana Pittman

Wildlife photographer and TV Personality, Robert Irwin

Cake Master & Creative, Kat Sabbath

Musician and Mother of two, Mahalia Barnes

Race Car Driver and Father of Twins, Fabian Coulthard

Troy Taylor, General Manager at LEGO Australia & New Zealand, said about the activation: “It’s so exciting to announce that after a five year absence, we are bringing our iconic LEGO® Big Build back for Christmas. This year has been very tough for all Australians and we all could use a little cheering up, and what better way to put a smile back on people’s faces than having a LEGO Big Build on the Opera House Forecourt for people to enjoy. We hope this can inspire and develop the future builders of tomorrow and create great memories for families during this special festive season”.

LEGO will be encouraging Aussie families to #RebuildTheWorld this Holiday season, by sharing a series of 'rebuild challenges' to participate in at home. Over 12 magical days of Christmas, LEGO will partner with famous faces who will each hero one of these passions on their respective Instagram accounts – a theme they are genuinely passionate about – and pass a challenge-setting baton and ignite passion. Audiences will be able to follow along and spend three days rebuilding the world with each creator and their three days of awesome rebuilds, before embarking onto the next passion.

Visitors will be able to cast their eyes over each bauble which is on a rotating base, so the intricate 360-degree brick detail can be seen by viewers. Children and their parents can take a journey through different pathways, including a large wraparound ramp suitable for prams and wheelchairs, which leads to an elevated platform where they can get up close to the ‘Vehicles’ Christmas Tree Bauble plus also see the tops of each design. This vantage point also has one of the best views of the Opera House, offering multiple photo opportunities for children to take home a ‘Summer Holiday moment’ photo with LEGO and the Opera House.

General Facts

  • It took 446 hours to design just one of the LEGO Christmas Tree baubles.

  • The LEGO Christmas Tree baubles have been created by a team from all over the world, including designers in America.

  • It took over 4400 LEGO bricks to add all the fun builds onto the Christmas Tree baubles.

  • The LEGO Christmas Tree baubles get very hot inside in the Aussie sun, so air vents have been created to keep them nice and cool.

  • Animals, instruments, cars and more – it took 44293 LEGO bricks to add the 3D elements to the Christmas Tree baubles.

  • There are 16408 LEGO bricks on the LEGO Animals Christmas Tree bauble

  • Each Koala took 4800 LEGO Bricks to build

  • Before the music notes and instruments were added to our Music Christmas Tree bauble, it had to fly around 16003km from New York to arrive at the Opera House.

  • It took nearly 10000 LEGO bricks to build all the instruments on the LEGO Music Christmas tree bauble.

The LEGO Christmas Tree bauble activation will be open daily from 9:30am until 7:00pm AEDT to walk through the pathway, from Monday 6th December until Monday 13th of December.

Those looking for extra Christmas creative inspiration are invited to visit to further explore their passion and develop their own unique rebuilds.

COVID-19 Safety Plan: LEGO and the Opera House are following all relevant NSW Health Guidelines and have implemented some important health and safety measures to keep the community safe. This includes hand sanitiser stations throughout the activation and all visitors to provide a proof of vaccination on entry, as well as using the QR code to check-in upon entry.

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This article was written by Andrew.

Find him on Instagram at @CheepJokes

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