• Sam Hardy

LEGO Belgium/Netherlands - Night & Day Challenge - Semi Finals - S02E08 Recap

LEGO Masters Belgium/Netherlands

Season 2 Episode 8 - Semi-Finals Recap

Smash and Grab mini-challenge!

After seven episodes of testing eight team's LEGO Master abilities, we are down to the semi-finals for LEGO Masters Belgium/Netherlands. The teams roll up to find an impressively tall structure that is being lovingly admired by the judges. Brickmaster points out it took 72 hours to build with alternating teams and is around 35,000 bricks... Then, Ruben knocks it to the ground sending pieces flying everywhere!

Yes, it's the start of the smash and grab challenge. Each team has three minutes to scavenge the wreckage like seagulls to chips. They must build something using the bricks they have collected and they do a pretty good job scooping up the majority off the floor. The usual rules of technical, aesthetics and story are still in play and they have four hours to complete their mini-challenge. Also, it seems the work desks aren't locked in, any pieces that fall through are disqualified from being used. The reality of time and limited bricks begin to hit the builders as they struggle to realise their designs along with structural issues.

Brickmaster confers with the hosts noting two designs that both feature a tree in glass and Thomas and Roy's yacht build focusing mainly on the tan pieces, ignoring many of the other parts they've collected.

The Builds

Ernesto and Marco - Last Tree On Earth

The last tree rests inside a dark glass cube to protect it. Around it lies the remains of civilization with mysterious structures. Alas, when opening the roof parts of the tree collapses.

Thomas and Roy - Luxury Yacht