• Sam Hardy

LEGO Belgium/Netherlands - The Grand Finale - S02E09 Recap

LEGO Masters Belgium/Netherlands

Season 2 Episode 9 - Recap

The Grand Finale

We are finally here! The final three teams enter the workroom for the very last time for LEGO Masters Belgium/Netherlands Season 2. We all know what needs to be done for the final build, create anything! Build a model that blows the judges away and cements your place as the winner of the season. Up for grabs is 25,000 euro ($39,000 AUD), the trophy, and a trip to the LEGOLAND resort and house. They have 28 hours. Joining Brickmaster is a very familiar face for LEGO Masters fans, Matthew Ashton, who was the first Brickmaster for the UK series and is the VP of LEGO design having worked there for over twenty years.

The Builds

Thomas and Roy - Giant Ski Resort

The team aims to create a huge ski resort built around a giant who lives in the mountain. They start their planning by placing Roy on the table to plot the scene's proportions in line with the human body. Mid-build Matthew Ashton comments on how clever their technique was in creating the proportions of the body but notes the mountain feels a bit flat and also is lacking in other colours. The judges come by to assess the team's work. Noting the large amount of bare baseplate that needs to be filled in. Matthew is also worried that the execution isn't as good as it could be better. He also points out the mountain needs to be a bit steeper leading to last-minute changes. This requires a bit of technical rejigging to get the giant's face to rise and open but they are hopeful they've gotten the job done.

Bibi and Marcel - Brickwood

A Minifigure spin on Hollywood, their concept is a backlot tour that goes on rails through several movie sets and scenes. Matthew notes that mid-way this team is the most ahead with their build and he loves that they have different worlds and scenes that give them the chance to bring colour and life to their build. Dropping past he notes that despite all of the little stories being dotted around, Hollywood really rests on having a big climax and suggests the team think about creating a blockbuster ending.

Jan and Julien - Medieval Castle

A castle is under attack by an army and the people inside the castle decide to call upon wizards to enchant the vegetables to counter-attack. Some NPU is used with a tried and true technique of using Minifigures legs to form castle windows. As well as yellow heads to create corn kernels for the magical vegetables. Conferring mid-build with Brickmaster, Matthew gives praise for the castle's size. But is concerned that adding the vegetables into the scene may struggle to fit into the size of the scene and that there is too much grey. Matthew drops by and reminisces that castles are one of his favourite scenes, with the classic yellow castle being his first set. He also drops some wisdom from his years of working with kids and big castle scenes, is the fight fair? Leading the duo to question how their staging is going to work. Taking the advice they shorten their baseplate. Kurt passes by and notes this while wondering when they are going to fill in the inside.