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LEGO Box Integrity - The Link Between LEGO Boxes And Your Personality

LEGO Boxes

New In Box, Build But Keep The Box, or Discard The Box?

As I write this Melbourne has been plunged back into lockdown. To distract myself, I decided to get out my magnifying glass and do some detective work. While others are busy hoarding toilet paper and stockpiling frozen goods, I am doing a deep dive investigation into the sometimes-controversial matter. LEGO box integrity and all matters that surround these cardboard treasures.

LEGO Boxes – Keep or chuck?

Four Personality Types

To really understand the issues around LEGO boxes, I think it is important to raise that not unlike the Myers-Briggs personality classification, AFOLS also fall into four key personality demographics:

Artist (A) – This AFOL purchases sets with the intention of creating MOCS from their parts.

Builder (B) – This AFOL purchases sets with the intention of building them for display.

Collector (C) – This AFOL is on a mission to own every set in their area of interest. They often have a crossover with the Builder (B) personality in that they do open their sets and build them for display. However, it is not unusual for them to have a cupboard (or an entire room) dedicated to their “pile of shame” or “tower of pride”, which is a large collection of still in the box unopened sets.

Investor (I) – This AFOL purchase sets knowing that as they age and are retired from general distribution. They will increase in value and may actually be a more solid investment choice than crypto-currency.