• Tim and Dannii

Review: LEGO Pets Brickheadz - Budgie & Chick (40443) + GoldFish & Fry (40442) Reviewed!

LEGO 40442 Fry (123) & GoldFish (122)

LEGO 40443 Chick (125) & Budgie (124)

The Pets Brickheadz have already expanded by two more species! We now have a Budgie and Chick, and a Fish and Fry! These vibrant creatures show that LEGO is still playing with this theme and how it looks as we are introduced to extra accessories other than a pet bed. But how well do these flat-faced creatures truly translate in the form of Brickheadz?

I am dying to talk about the Bird. I have stared at this build for far too long to realise why I feel off about it. Birds do not have forward-facing eyes (except owls?) and they have placed the eyes forward-facing to conform to the Brickheadz style. Everything else about this Bird is wonderful, but I cannot move past its mutant quality. How would I fix this issue? I don't know. is it an issue at all? Well, you look at a budgie with forward-facing eyes and tell me if you're still okay afterwards.