• Tim and Dannii

Collaborating With Your LEGO Obsessed Partner - What You Need To Know!

I know it can seem quite odd, or immature, that a fully grown adult can be obsessed with a product that recommends itself for children 12 years old or below. It’s also hard to believe that building blocks marketed for kids has a huge adult fan base, that has formed amazing communities, who have created stunning exhibitions, which has inspired innovations in some of the most unlikely of places. Seriously, it can be unbelievable.

"I have a few words of advice for anyone who plans to buddy up with someone"

But eventually, when you come to terms with how incredibly amazing LEGO building can be, you are going to want to jump right into that hobby. I have a few words of advice for anyone who plans to buddy up with someone who has dedicated literal years of time and energy into MOC (My Creation) building.

First of all, find your own strengths before entering a collaboration.

  • Have you always had a knack for mechanisms?

  • Are you talented with small details?

  • Architecture? Creatures?

  • Natural structures?

  • LEGO Recreations of iconic pop culture?

Build some of your own little MOCs and see what you can do.

Secondly, learn the LEGO Lingo. If you want to collaborate with a LEGO Enthusiast, it helps when you speak the same language. If you don’t know what snot bricks, BURPs, SURPs, tiles, plates, studs, technic, slopes and curves are, you are probably going to have constant communication break downs.

Thirdly and lastly, take some time to read about the Maths in LEGO. How many plates equal a brick, how many plates between snot bricks for alignment, technic gears and rotation speeds. It will make problem-solving far easier for you, and your expert will have to do less hand-holding.

Once you’ve done your homework, you can try a collaboration!

"Think of it as two artists working together"

When two people decide to collaborate on a LEGO MOC, think of it as two artists working together. You both have creative strengths, styles and tastes. But they aren’t the same as each other. It’s about finding how you complement each other, which requires some compromise and faith.