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LEGO Takes Us On A Journey To The Most Fair Dinkum Place Around

LEGO Takes Us On A Journey To The Aussie Outback

LEGO 40651 - Australia Postcard

LEGO has made yet another postcard to join their line-up of postcard collectibles, and if you’ve read our previous reviews, you’ll know that I think of these things as quirky little collectibles that can be a real hit or miss.

But here’s one that seems to be stirring up the AFOLs. The Australia postcard.

Yes, instead of taking a location, they’ve taken a whole country. Australia, instead of Sydney, seems to be a bit of a controversial move just because people are concerned that it doesn’t represent the entire country.

Well, time for a quick dive into the set and some thoughts as we go!

About This Set

Straight away, the first thing I notice is the very rugged outdoor aesthetic. For a country that is 70% bushland, this is a bit of an oversimplification of what Australia is and really doubles down on the outback stereotype.

The set gives us our own tin roof outback home with a water tank and outdoor dunny. Both with stickers for the appropriate doors.

Yes. Stickers. The Australia tile and Kangaroo tile are also stickers but asking people to put stickers on 1x1 bricks is just plain cruel.

Moving past that, we have the classic outback windmill, as well as a Eucalyptus tree with Cockatoo, and an aeroplane up in the sky as a small nod to Qantas, Australia’s premium airline.

The builds here are simplistic and straightforward, but I can’t help but notice how out of proportion the tree and windmill are in comparison to the house, everything seems just a little… off.

The Eucalyptus trees are represented in a smaller scale with the tan stalk pieces that are around the set, so having a large-scale tree is really disorientating.

So is it all bad?

Well, no. I for one love the Kangaroo sign, although I do wish it was printed more than a sticker. The appearance of the bamboo stalks in a sand green is also nice, and I am all for this set being Australia rather than Sydney.


Sydney has received a lot of focus over the years from LEGO, such as the large-scale Opera House and Architecture Skyline. But this is a better move than just another Sydney model.

In places like London or Paris, the iconic landmarks are less than a day’s drive to get to if you want to see them. To represent the people in Western Australia for example, this is a better choice of going for the whole country, because Sydney is a three-day drive.

I do wish that LEGO put Uluru in the model somehow. It would have rounded out the model a whole lot better, in my opinion. So would I get this set?

I have little motivation for the postcard sets, so it isn’t up my alley. But for a cheap parts pack for more rarer parts and a Kangaroo sign? Heck yeah.

Thanks for reading, if you enjoyed this please leave a comment below.


This article was written by Tim & Dannii.

Find them on Instagram at @legobuildingwithtimanddannii

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