• Tim and Dannii

LEGO Designer Chris McVeigh Brings A New Vibe To LEGO Modulars - 10278 Police Station

About Chris McVeigh

Modulars have generally had a pretty classic style, until now!

Chris McVeigh started off as an AFOL, and quickly rose to fame with his attention to detail and highly skilled building techniques that set him apart from the rest; Going online as "@Powerpig", anyone who has been following LEGO's social media accounts would find it prolifically littered with his work almost all times of the year. He would make computers, TVs, phones and pretty much any form of office setup. Before his time being hired by LEGO, would also create custom printed computers and such as commission work and most importantly, BrickSketches. Chris McVeigh was still making hundreds of his own custom BrickSketch designs before LEGO picked him up, and turned his creative vision into a product for the brand - a goal of any AFOL.

So when Chris McVeigh was introduced as one of the leading designers on the latest Modular, the 10278 Police Station, we knew we had to take a closer look, because you can tell it's a McVeigh.

LEGO Police Station - 10278