• Tim and Dannii

LEGO Friends - A Close Up Look At The Six Next Sets Arriving In June!

We know you are excited for the FRIENDS TV show set, but get just as excited for these LEGO Friends sets! Not a fan I hear you say? Well, try look behind those purple boxes and see the potential of fun! There are plenty of brightly coloured and fun pieces, some cool mini-builds and accessories! We got the sets early to take a closer look, enjoy!

LEGO 41677 - Forest Waterfall

The Forest Waterfall is the smallest and cheapest set in the wave, and delivers exactly what you would expect. S forest and a waterfall. Although this is an age 5+ set, it still feels a bit too simple looking at that very square and unnatural cliff face. The way the waterfall is set between the trees has me to believe that LEGO has attempted a forced perspective as the backdrop. Considering forests are drastically taller than a person and a cliff face is expected to be the peak of height. But ignoring the technical elements, we do receive some cute interactive features.

A small campfire, complete with a marshmallow on a stick, and the pink mug make for a cute set-up for storytelling. The binoculars and squirrel give some purpose to the minidolls and of course, the bridge and scooter combo inserts a little action for play. For a small set, children have a nice range of stories to follow and play out. Overall, I think this is a very enjoyable set for small children.

Two minidolls are included in the set, Andrea and Olivia. I find it interesting that Mia, the adventurous and animal-loving character wasn't chosen for this set. Perhaps she was needed in another scene and LEGO didn't want to over saturate a character? Anywho, we have Andrea the charismatic performer and Olivia the scientist dressed in outfits that I can't imagine are nature friendly. However, they're quite stylish I guess? I just can't help but feel that LEGO completely missed the mark on relevant clothing choices.

LEGO 41682 - Heartlake City School