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How Jodie Discovered Her Confidence On LEGO Masters Australia

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LEGO Masters Australia Season 2

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I am 38 and when I think about it I have always put myself last. I married young, started a family, I have two awesome boys, one of which has ASD. I home school my boys and have done so now full time for 7-years. I'm a stay at home mum, carer, and teacher.

"No way, how can I leave my family?"

I have been 100% dedicated to my family, I'm a proud Mum and have no regrets.

LEGO came into my life several years ago when I discovered it was a calming tool for my

ASD son and it quickly became a major part of our everyday life. I too started to build.

After becoming part of a LEGO club and doing exhibits, the opportunity came about to apply for season two of LEGO Masters, at first I said "No way, how can I leave my family?".

I thought about it for a month, then after talking to the family, I thought this is something

I actually really want to do, for me.

"The biggest fear I had was not knowing anyone"

My boys are older now, the opportunity has arisen a