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LEGO Masters Australia - S03E09 Recap - 'Arcade Game' Challenge

LEGO Masters Australia

Season 3 Episode 9 - Recap

It's top 6 again! As Hamish says, every build matters. Tonight is an advantage build with all teams competing to be safe from next week's elimination.

'Arcade Game' Challenge

Hamish rips a black sheet off an arcade shell and each team has the chance to build their very own guts to a classic 80's arcade game. They will choose a name, theme, story and internal workings for their game and must be guided by a traditional minifig pick.

*Important message. Gabby and Fleur have NEVER played arcade games*

The minifig selections to guide tonight's build are: A daredevil, a Space Warrior, an 80's Rockstar, a Zombie Cheerleader, a Skater Girl and a Dragon Boy. Tonight's challenge is about depth, story, technical ability and catching Brickman's attention so he will spend 20c on their game. They must complete the challenge in just 12 hours.

The Builds

David & Gus - Dragon Warz

David and Gus stumble a little with their story, but together they find a way of incorporating their Dragon Boy into a character game where Dragon Boy is facing off with an enormous dragon within his city. The team were in a great spot heading into the challenge but seem to lose their mojo partway through and as such, their little signature details are missing from tonight.