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LEGO Masters Australia - S03E10 Recap - Drag Race & Dream House Challenges

LEGO Masters Australia

Season 3 Episode 10 - Recap

There are dancing feet at the roller door and our top 6 teams are welcomed to their next elimination build. Scotty's shoulders drop when he sees a race track that he's not allowed to build in and we wave off Owen and Scott thanks to their win last week. Tonight there are two challenges, an advantage build and an elimination build.

'Drag Race' Challenge

Challenge 1 of 2

Hamish and Brickman are feeling generous and so the advantage is revealed! The winners of tonight's first challenge will take out a one hour advantage in the elimination build. The challenge, to build the fastest car in a series of 3 races. The slowest team each round will be eliminated, with 5 minutes in between each race used to tinker and adjust. And the twist, all the wheels and tyres have been removed from the Brickpit. The roller door opens to reveal a special guest too, Trent from Season 2 is back to share his intense enthusiasm for everything and it is so wonderful to see his face back on screen.

The Builds

David & Gus - Rubber tread wheels

David and Gus start with technical marvels and all kinds of whacky wheels. They settle on work on friction-based wheels using rubber grips. It's engineering at its finest. But will it go?

Harrison & Michael