• Sam Hardy

LEGO Masters France - Episode 3 Recap - Mega Cities & Cut In Half Challenge

Our adventures with LEGO in France continues with the field down to six teams and the challenges getting tougher as every round will see a team eliminated. We have two big challenges to get through, Mega-City and Cut in Half.

The teams walk into a construction site to set the theme of Mega-City build. We all know this very well. Each team has a plot of empty land which they must create a fantastic building which is full of story and imagination. They have ten hours to do so. And as ever there's a twist! Their towering creations come under attack and the teams must scramble to adapt their works with an additional three hours. This build really tests teams as the sky is the limit along with trying to create a cohesive story and imaginative builds. Another trap is how teams will create elaborate skyscrapers, but the insides turn out to be empty.

The Builds!

Loïc & Guillaume - Art City The duo have decided to create the artist's corner of the city. A 2-meter high pencil skyscraper sits at the centre of a cluster of buildings that are themed around art supplies such as paint tins, pallets and erasers. The judges love the concept but warn them that time management is key. However, time seems to be on their side and they increase the height of their pencil building and add lots of art-themed decor on the streets. Their attack involves a mecha eraser army that is storming the town and erasing everything. The judges are very pleased with how well designed everything is commenting that nothing seems out of place in their design with Georg's only criticism coming from a want to see the pencil tower be under attack and a bit more action on things like the paint tin tipping and overflowing.

Sébastien & David - Brickosaurus Square The duo started on an American shopping mall, but the judges step in and remind them they want a neighbourhood, not just one building. They remove their build and start on a clean slate having burnt two hours. David comes up with the new idea of a Museum of Natural History with a dinosaur theme parkland, complete with a hotdog stand (a hotdog is Sébastien's spirit animal). Their twist echoes the brick styling of their museum and has a giant brick monster sitting on top with some fantastic drool oozing all over the building which was well received by the judges as the stark white of the building made the build look a bit plain. The judges note they left much of the sidewalks intact and could have used the space a bit more and the idea of a museum didn't feel like a neighbourhood.

Alban & Xavier - Apartments of the Future

Team Belgian Dads have decided to go with a futuristic apartment concept, with the idea that different units can fly into the scaffolding made trickier by their elaborate scaffolding that holds the pods coming apart losing them time and creating anxiety as parts drop off as the table is carried over. They are relieved for the twist, taking the extra time to create an attack that revolves around Eric's magic tricks turning into a giant tentacle plant. Eric then escapes in his flying apartment. The judges point out the risk they took in designing such a complex scaffolding which with the twist helped boost the impact of the attack with great use of red to create contrast and focus. The attack is well received with the units spilling out all over the place and crowds fleeing from the danger.

Yann & Jean-Phillipe - Business District Riding on a high from last week this team is keen to stay in the game and went for a corporate business district. The judges drop in and point out that it's a bit plain and wants them to push their imagination and go crazy, even if it can't actually exist in reality forcing them to rethink. turning their skyscraper into a giant gift and adding a pirate ship ballpark at the base. Their attack is a megacorp that doesn't like all of the joy and fun that the neighbourhood has and seeks to ruin it. A dark tie attacks the building with the businessmen storming the ground out of a briefcase and set fire to all of the gifts.

The judges compliment the team on the contrast between the childish world vs the black corporate but feel the attack was a bit