• Sam Hardy

LEGO Masters France - Episode 2 Recap - The Smash Challenge & The Bridge Challenge

Continuing our LEGO Masters adventure in France we have another whopper of an episode with two massive challenges that involve lots of destruction. Two classics LEGO Masters challenges featured in this episode: The Smash Challenge and The Bridge Challenge. Renamed "Mega Big Bang" for this series, the smash challenge is much the same, several models are set up to explode, get dropped from a height, slammed into a wall on a sled or hit with a baseball bat. The winner is who can tell a fantastique story around a space theme with their build that also looks when great coming apart with no pieces remaining. They have 7 hours to build.

Challenge One: The Smash Challenge

Video of the destructions below.

Maximilien & Thibault - Dynamite - Crash world Their idea is to build a rocket that is exploding on take off. Their plan is to have different stages of the rocket with sections full of different colours. Georg makes the comment that the story might be too simple. Responding to the criticism they added a space creature on the side. However, the rocket remains standing and largely intact not having the intended effect of the alien falling off and the explosion being underwhelming.

Christelle & Johan - Dynamite - OLG 2050 BLG 390 LD, on the frozen planet With the world's resources dried up, humans have looked for resources elsewhere in space. An industrial accident sets the stage for this explosion. The Brickmasters drop in and make a note that the scene is lacking a crucial detail it looks like a warehouse, not one in space. Taking on the advice they adjusted their build to look more spacey and to give it an ice planet effect. The explosion has some nice moments such as the space ship flipping end over end and parts of the building landing back on other sections getting praise from the judges. However, not everything goes up and the silos remain largely intact.

Marguerite & Renaud - Baseball Bat - The space trout. A giant flying space trout where you can see his skeleton while seeing the insides of the things he has eaten. An incredibly creepy build. The impact impresses the team who are overwhelmed with the destruction of something they had grown attached to.

Yann & Jean-Philippe - Free Fall - Blurp The Monster Toy Eater A giant green monster who comes into people's houses to eat their toys. It's a really awesome creation filled with great details that bring it to life such as the spanner and his hand shoving another toy in. The judges commend their technical level in keeping the shape rounded and breaking up the cube form with lots of slopes. But giving them some advice over the arms not having covered joints. Eric gives it a good thwack and it explodes in a burst of purple with its blue brain sailing through gaining praise from the judges who loved the contrast of colours.

Loïc & Guillaume - The Wall - Martial the Martian An alien riding a giant round flying saucer. He's been going around to planets picking up animals and food before meeting his end hitting an invisible space wall. Using an increasingly common trick of rail tracks to create a quick curve, an adorable three-eyed alien sits inside a nice curved saucer with a little cage full of his collections. An impressive result from a giant build that manages to crash into many pieces with great contrast of Martial's green bits and the ship's grey with all of the colours inside. Amongst the debris, they found that the cows have survived.

Alban & Xavier - Free Fall - The Revolting Monster An ugly monster that's hiding inside an asteroid which is also a mining base. The intention that the monster survives as the asteroid breaks apart around him. They realize that their build is quite solid, amusingly testing parts during construction. The drop is a success, the alien manages to survive the fall intact with some of the asteroids also being intact. Giving praise from the judge in achieving their goal.