LEGO Masters Germany - Builds And Challenges So Far!

LEGO Masters Germany recently started airing on RTL. Unfortunately, it's rather difficult to get footage or images of the show, but I have managed to find a handful of pics from the Instagrams of the contestants and also worked out what the challenges were.

I find this quite interesting, as expected the challenges are the same as we have seen on Australian and US series, but I love seeing how new contestants interpret the challenges in their own creative way. We saw what Bilsy and Kale did with half a bicycle, now we get to see what Felix and Annalena come up with!

In this version of the show, Germany has gone with a six-team line-up, which I assume will be fewer episodes overall. The set is almost identical to that of Australia and the challenges are also the same it appears. I haven't found pictures of all the builds, but I'll share what I have found. Leave a comment below with any cool building techniques or features you notice!

All photo credits go to the contestants and the RTL network.

There are only 4 episodes in this season, and we'll be bringing you the Finale pics as soon as we can!


Judge: LEGO Certified Professional René Hoffmeister (@brickfabrik)

Host: Daniel Hartwich (@danielhartwichnews)

Meet The Teams

Moritz and Pascal (Instagram: @molegode & @pasi_nator)