• Sam Hardy

LEGO Masters Netherlands / Belgium Recap - S02E04 - Shake Challenge

LEGO Masters Netherlands / Belgium

Episode 4 Recap

This week is an Easter-themed episode with two challenges for the six remaining teams to get through. This isn't an elimination episode, but the winner will receive an advantage in the next episode. So let's get cracking with the first challenge!

Mini Challenge: Easter Egg build

A giant professionally built easter egg is wheeled out along with a dour-looking Rubens in an easter bunny suit, spreading morose easter joy to the teams.

Each team has to build a 16x16 stud egg that's nice and decorated to win this mini-challenge. The key element that the Brickmaster is looking for is can the egg be the same ratio and size as the display build. These will be tested by an official egg measuring claw.

With all the eggs judged the winners are Marcel and Bibi.

Despite a plain brown egg that was decorated with additional ears and faces they had the best egg shape giving them an advantage for the next challenge.

Main challenge: Shake build

Making its first international appearance from the Aussie show, the shake build is much the same as before. A plinth is attached to a motor that has several degrees of shake going from 1 to 10.

The demo build is something to watch as it uses the shake setting to turn a tall white house into a ruined castle, a very clever use of physics to reveal a story.

The build must remain on there for as long as possible and in the event of a tie, each build will be judged on aesthetics.

But there's a bit of a twist! The egg the teams lovingly built in the mini-challenge must be incorporated into this tower and importantly be visible and on display. That is you can't hide it deep inside as a support beam. Points are earned on aesthetics, how well the egg is displayed and how far it survives the shake.

Marcel and Bibi have an additional advantage where they can test their build's ability to withstand the shaking. But only once!