LEGO Masters Netherlands / Belgium Recap - S02E05 - Art Challenge

LEGO Masters Netherlands / Belgium

Episode 5 Recap

Before we get crackin' with another bunch of Aussies, we still have six teams battling out for the trophy over in the Netherlands and Belgium.

This week it's about art! Another returning challenge from the Australian series. The 3D art Challenge was a popular episode producing a stunning build from Trent and Josh of a rodeo bull rider which was kept and given away as a prize. But before we can get into the big build, we have another mini-challenge!

Mini challenge: Teammate Portraits

Each team is separated and has two hours to create a portrait of each other. Dries and Killian have a small advantage as they won the last challenge and they get a polaroid of each other to refer from.

Assorted techniques are used with some amusing results. But it is Ernesto the art teacher who wows people with his evocative portrait of his teammate Marco.

3D Art Build

The Main Challenge

With the teams reunited the main challenge is revealed. Several classical pieces of art are unveiled and the objective is for each team to re-create these but put a unique twist on each painting.

Joining the Brickmaster for judging is famous Flemish artist Koen Vanmechelen best known for his Cosmopolitan Chicken Project. Koen is looking at how the teams have utilised the twist with their style while keeping in line with the original's style.

Thomas and Roy - The Milkmaid

A famous Vermeer, the team decides to solve the mystery of where does the milk end up by having it pour into a milk factory that goes into cartons. Some artistic license is used with a minifig style head being used. The build comes along smoothly, but at the last minute, the floor of the factory gives way under the weight of the cartons but is saved with four minutes to go.

The judges applaud that they got the essence of the Vermeer with the milk being a central point but point out the mishmash of colours makes it hard to look at along with the background looking a bit plain.

Jan and Julien - Sunflowers

As a still life, this poses a creative challenge for them. But they settle on the twist being that the flowers come alive like zombies and crawl out of the frame. Their initial design of having the zombie flowers getting powered by solar panels is questioned by the Brickmaster who suggests it's a story element that's a bit too hard to read.

Brickmaster turns out to be a fan of this, despite his early worries it would get swamped by excessive details. Little details that tell the story, such as a bottle of vitamin D are praised. Koen is a bit more ambivalent noting the background and contrast are great. But the cartoonish look pushes away from Van Gogh's serious nature and feels a bit silly. Yet Brickmaster loves the silly nature.

Dries and Killian - The Mona Lisa

They decide that she's now in the artic and is chilling with penguins while keeping warm in a penguin onesie. They tie themselves up with the challenge of re-creating such a famous smile poses a challenge and burns up the team's time as they struggle to get it right. While the pop-art nature of penguins is praised, it gest criticism for not quite looking like the actual painting with the face coming off as too flat and not evocative of the famous gaze.

Oscar and Ine - The Angry Swan

Struggling with ideas of what to present, including an out-there idea of the swan having its wings weighted down by houses, they decide on having gnomes trying to capture and tame the swan. Another challenge is trying to fit a landscape into a portrait area as the wings won't quite fit. The original theme of the endangered swan is noted by the judges as having been carried across from the painting with the tension of the gnomes capturing the swan.

The brick separator was praised for being an innovative use for a tongue, along with the swan being well rendered in 3D. Brickmaster feels better bricks could have been used to create a better form.

Ernesto and Marco - Van Gogh Self-portrait

They decide to make him a millionaire with his skyscraper and top hat. With a strong knowledge of impressionism, Ernesto pushes for bold, colourful use of bricks but is warned by the Brickmaster to keep in the style of the artwork and not diverge with contrasting styles. The skyscraper is abandoned for a wonderful swirling background that is emblematic of Van Gogh's style.

The judges love the twist and point out the irony that Van Gogh died poor. Koen points out that as a work of art in itself the painting is evocative and compelling to look at. The attention to detail and style of painting is also praised.

Marcel and Bibi - The Gust Of Wind (De Windstoot)

A dramatic ship scene is already a challenge but the two take it to the next level by deciding to have a rescue helicopter come in to finally save the crew. This plan turns out to be much more complex in execution as much detail is needed for the ship and time is pressing against the team to get the helicopter ready. Adding to the workload is the use of smaller helicopters to create a forced perspective fleet of choppers coming into rescue.

The judges love the twist between modern and ancient times. Despite the proportions being out of whack with the helicopter being too big in comparison to the ship, it works because of how dynamic the scene is. Another comment is how the original work's tension of will the ship be saved is somewhat muted by the addition of the helicopter.

With the teams lined up for elimination, Thomas and Roy are offered to use the golden brick, and they do, saving themselves from elimination. The two best teams that the judges have decided on are Marco and Ernesto and Marcel and Bibi. Marcel and Bibi's painting is praised for the 3D effect that leaps out of the frame dramatically. Marco and Ernesto are praised for capturing the style of a Van Gogh, but the banknotes feel a bit off.

As a bonus, the winning work of art will get exhibited in a LEGO store.

The winning team is Marco and Ernesto!

But with four teams up for elimination, the bottom teams are called out. Thomas and Roy are the first to be called out, however they used the golden brick wisely leaving Killian and Dreis to be the eliminated team for this week leaving five teams in the running.

Next week the teams face off against gravity! It's the upside-down challenge!

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