• Sam Hardy

LEGO Masters Netherlands / Belgium - S02E02 Recap - Tower Mini-Challenge & Hanging Brick

LEGO Masters Netherland / Belgium

Season 02 Episode 02 - Recap

It's the second episode and things are really kicking into top gear. With last week's challenge of building a theme part testing our participants, their skills are put to a greater test and the first elimination only adds to the stress.

There are two challenges in this episode

Challenge 1 - Tallest Tower

The first is the tall tower challenge. Build a tower from an assortment of 4, 6 and 8 bricks and get it as high as possible. The hosts measure the top of the studio from a cherry picker and reckon it's around five meters high. The winners will gain a small advantage in the main challenge. Several interesting methods are used and with two teams of architects, this makes for some interesting strategies. Roy and Thomas opt for a side stack build where instead of building upwards in a stack, they build long sections that are set upright. Jan and Julien have used a similar design to the Burj Khalifa.

Other teams op for a mix of stacking resulting in some amazingly bendy constructions but ultimately the winner is Dries and Killian with 5.20m who win advantage of an extra hour to build in the main challenge. The other teams have to wait and watch, with no planning allowed.

Challenge 2 - The Hanging Brick

The main challenge is the suspended brick challenge. This appeared in Season 2 of the Australian series and was quite a popular challenge as the technical skills come up against gravity and LEGO bricks clutch power! A basic technic beam is hung from the ceiling and each team must build a structure that suspends from a beam without touching the table. As usual, story and technical ability in building is key for this and the teams have nine hours on the clock. This week's guest judge is Maarten Simons a senior designer from LEGO who specialises in fantasy themes.

Thomas and Roy - Sun King house

A floating sun that is quartered into sections that show different areas that the sun king loves and works in. The idea of telling stories with sections that are seen as it rotates was well received, but the initial concept that it's a sun and the reason for different quarters isn't immediately picked up by the judges but their technical skills in decorating the scenes are well received.

Amber and Arne - Puppet

Their concept is a puppet that hangs from the string. However, they are challenged by keeping things and the challenge of a snot build and gravity eats into their time with sections falling off from the weight and their use of chains to connect pieces together but they get it all together at the very last minute. The judges love the idea but the technical issues and lack of finish don't get them points.