• Sam Hardy

LEGO Masters Netherlands / Belgium - S02E03 Recap - Replica Challenge

The idea is to have the encyclopedia burst open with different forms of information flowing out of a rainbow. The team also rebuilds the book with finer detailing with some nice brick lettering.

LEGO Masters Netherlands / Belgium

Episode 3 Recap

Three episodes in and the great LEGO battle between The Dutch and the Flemish continue! With the team saying farewell to Anne and Arne the challenge ups the stakes with a replica challenge. Several household products are on display for the teams to replicate. Exactly! With another elimination to come the teams have six hours to build their replica objects. As Dreis and Killian won in the last episode they get the advantage of choosing which object they want personally, as well as assign the others to the rest of the teams. Dirk Denoyelle is the guest judge, he is a LEGO certified professional who runs a business similar to Brickman. He offers tips on what makes a good replica, knowing what to keep and remove.

Thomas and Roy - Dust Buster

This is a challenge as a section of the object is transparent. But the team rise to the challenge, even going so far as to add a motor section that blows around items of dust.

Jan and Julien - Set of scales

Another set of round shapes with the bowl and the main body, along with additional challenges such as creating the scale's meter set behind a transparent glass with the dial. They also go a bit extra and create some nice SNOT ball fruit as well as a lever mechanism where the dial actually moves when the bowl is placed on.

Dries and Killian - Shoe

A clever use of linking pieces help create the outline of the shoe, but the team struggles in building up the bodywork. They do their best to use bricks that adhere to the object's look and feel, such as flat pieces for the leather, and studs facing down for the grip as well as the little bit of red branding which is well received.

René and Douwe - Flip lid rubbish bin

Dreading this they discover yellow curved track pieces that happen to be the same diameter of the bin. However, they realize late into the game that the smooth surfaces offer little options to build on hinges. This gets called out as the very simple design shows anything that's missing in the LEGO model and the Brickmaster calls them out for not using their time to work out the finer details.