• Sam Hardy

LEGO Masters Netherlands/Belgium - S02E06 Recap - Upsidedown challenge

LEGO Masters Netherlands/Belgium

Season 2 Episode 6 - Recap

Welcome back to our coverage of LEGO Masters in the Netherland/Belgium. This week, two challenges await the five remaining teams who cluster into the workshop to find the hosts quickly packing away a matryoshka doll. Funnily enough, the first challenge is related to this.

Mini challenge: Nesting builds

The teams have to create a series of builds that nest and tell a story with each reveal. An example is given of a food chain, but the teams can create a fantastical creation as well. Each team is given a small LEGO creature that represents the end of their chain which is picked at random

Thomas and Roy - Snail

A storybook that opens up to reveal a witch, which opens up to reveal a cauldron and then finally the snail. Some fantastic use of neon green chains and bricks to create slime. Brickmaster is somewhat horrified at how scary the witches' face is but points out how huge the book cover is and how plain its design is.

Jan and Julien - Fly

A giant trap that is set with cheese is presented to Brickman with a clever mechanism that drops the trap when the cheese is removed. Inside is a frog, which sadly bits break off as it's removed, inside the frog is a spider which has eaten a fly. The story is a bit complex and Brickman can't quite understand why a frog was inside a mousetrap and the fly on the cheese made it look like a flytrap.

Oscar and Ine - Frog

A giant mechanical robot frog opens up in half to reveal the head of a stork which inside lies a fish (which Brickmaster took a while to interpret) that has eaten the frog.

Ernesto and Marco - Worm

A giant apple... Or pear... With an angry face opens up to reveal a Buddhist monk which reveals a clam who has a worm inside him. The process doesn't quite make much sense to Brickmaster who gets a bit lost by the big angry fruit and the clash of a pacifist character.

Marcel and Bibi - Spider

A giant blue garbage truck has a wheelie bin