• Sam Hardy

LEGO Masters Sweden - Episode 2 Recap - Cut In Half Challenge.

Continuing our adventures in the land that gave us saltlakrits and Absolut Vodka, LEGO Masters Sverige (Sweden) ups the stakes with the cut in half challenge and the first elimination of the season!

We all know what's going to happen!

Veterans of past LEGO Masters know this challenge well as it's appeared consistently across all of the other series. Take an object that has been cut in half and build off the baseplate to create a masterpiece. This is a tough challenge as it involves combining bricky bits with an unusual often curved shape as well as telling a story that fits in smoothly with a random object

This episode had a decent amount of time to look through each of the awesome builds. Robert and Hans got the bike and proceeded to build a giraffe who had been injured in a car crash and now requires wheels to scoot around.

Peter & Emil scored the car and turned the rear end into a pimped up hot rod, complete with spinning flames. Very clever parts usage of roller-coaster sections to create wheels.

Emma & Eva took on the theme of time passing with the cuckoo clock featuring a trail of figures walking through life. Some awesome part usage to build detailed characters and scenery.

Daniel & Joakim got the projector and told the story of playing back family movies (remember slide projector nights?) complete with the reels spinning.

Petter & Mattias went dark and spooky with a giant teddy bear turning evil through the power of a spell as it comes to life with a glowing beating heart.

Sarah & Leonard Took the picnic basket and ran with the theme of local produce, complete with spinning, if slightly creaky, windmill.

Stefan & Michael got the accordion and took us on a trip through the archives of music from classical to modern with implementations such as iPods and having a moving gramophone.

David & Rickhard takes us onto the voyages of the then-unknown world via the explorer Jarmo Kosinen. Some clever technic was stuffed inside the globe to make the ship move and the volcano light up.