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LEGO Masters And The Block Crossover. What Went Down

What went down (for non-Block watchers)

Either Hamish has had a really rough Lockdown in Melbourne, or Brickman is on the wrong show! I’m not a television watcher thanks to parenting small humans and exhaustion, but when I saw that LEGO Masters Australia was doing a BLOCK cross over, I was certainly intrigued.

The Challenge

Over 40 mins into the show and finally! Brickman enters Shelly’s HQ and the teams light up for some frivolous fun. Their challenge is revealed. Build your dream home! The hosts suggest free-reign design with no restrictions. All that matters is that the dream home needs to be LEGO. With his Dad charm, Brickman suggests helipads, ridiculous shoe collections and ultimately a place for your imagination to run completely free from the constraints of budgets and tradies.

Each team has just 5 hours to complete their dream home, and they'll need to "sell" their story to the Brickman himself upon completion to be considered for the prize. The downside that I see here is the lack of Brick Pit. Instead, all teams must scramble with Block branded buckets and sort their own LEGO from 4 kiddie pool-sized pits in the centre of the build floor. Ouch.

The Prize

The 5-hour challenge bounty is revealed. $10,000 cash for their building project AND a $10,000 fully installed My Place Smart Home System. This prize is worth a whopping $20,000 towards their building projects.

To put that in perspective, the winners of LEGO Masters Australia worked solidly for hundreds of hours over a number of weeks to win $50,000 each. The block contestants get to build for 5 hours in one afternoon and that’s worth $20,000! Possibly $30,000 because of a gnome.

Also, there's a bonus gnome which I do not understand at all, because I have never actually watched the Block before right now.

As the clock ticks down I'm seriously triggered (thanks Hamish) and yet these teams with little to no experience with LEGO are really nailing their briefs. So let's see their builds.

Jimmy and Tam

Jimmy and Tam head into the challenge with a clear strategy. Their dream is to go completely off-grid and live in a self-sufficient barn with solar panels, crops, wind power and a selection of hilariously adorable mutant animals.

Off the bat, Jimmy and Tam take on a fundamental lesson from LEGO Masters. Always listen to Brickman. Brickman suggests their dream is a little too big and they might want to rethink scale. So naturally, the notorious winners of challenges ta