• Sam Hardy

LEGO Masters USA - Explosion Challenge - S02E02 Recap

LEGO Masters U.S

Season 2 Episode 2 - Recap

Explosion challenge

Week two and the competition kicks off as we enter our first elimination episode with a bang!

Entering the room the contestants are greeted with a backdrop of explosive boxes and a cheesy Will Arnett intro of his dressing room bus exploding. Yes, it's the explosion challenge!

Each team has to pick a Minifigure hero who is doing a cool cinematic walk away from one of the following explosions. Glitter, slime, water, and coloured dust. The brick masters are looking for one-take epic stunts where the hero has a central role in the story, are they are the hero or escaping from a disaster, but are kept safe from the explosion's blast. Jamie backs this up by noting that the scene has to break apart really well and imaginatively. They have ten hours to realise their ambitions.

The Builds

Zack and Wayne - Alien - Slime - Captain Blastro

Their hero's spaceship is under attack. As the crew evacuates the ship's engines are rigged to blow. The team chooses not to use the golden brick, and the button is pressed. The explosion goes off well with all of the escaping crew surviving as the alien is blown into orange chunks drawing praise from Jamie for controlling the destruction.

Zach and Tim - Monster Scientist - Slime - World Domination

The father-son team has settled on a scientist bent on world domination with his factory exploding in slime with the hopes that a wall will drop down to reveal "pow!" Despite the explosion cleaning up the area, the wall didn't fall down and the wow factor was somewhat lost.

Mark and Steven - Plant Monster - Water - Watermelon Madness