• Sam Hardy

LEGO Masters USA - LEGO Day Parade Challenge - S02E01 Recap - Plus Meet The Contestants

LEGO Masters USA

Season 2 - Episode 1

LEGO Masters U.S on Fox has returned for a second season! As we saw last year, the American series was all about the drama, the extravagant set and of course, a cast of Fox celebrities making cameos to promote other shows.

Hosts & Judges

Will Arnett

LEGO Batman himself and one of the executive producers for LEGO Masters U.S, Will Arnett returns as the host, bringing light-hearted fun to the building floor.

Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard

Corbett and Berard return for the second season of “Lego Masters” as the reality TV show’s judges/mentors. They are both self-proclaimed expert Brickmasters as well as employees at The Lego Group. Keep an eye on BrickBanter on YouTube & Instagram, as we will hopefully be checking in with Amy partway through the season for a chat.

Meet The Contestants

Go big or go home! LEGO Masters U.S has 12, yes, 12 teams this year! That's a lot of competition! In other countries, we have seen reduced numbers due to Covid, but the U.S has gone the other way. From what we were told, all safety measures were put in place.

Zack and Wayne

Relationship: Brothers