Don't Miss These LEGO Sets Listed As 'Retiring Soon' At The LEGO Shop Online

As January 1st 2021 approaches with a vast range of new items, this sadly means a lot of the LEGO sets you have been putting off buying for the last year or two are on their way out, and decisions must be as to if you need these in your life?!

Sometimes it's a set to complete the collection, other times it's a set that has some cool pieces they will be handy for MOC purposes. If you're in the Minifigure game, it could mean getting the set that contains a Minifig you don't want to pay for on Bricklink by itself. Gosh, I wish I had of stocked up on LEGO 6866 in 2012 for Deadpool...

Hopefully, this list of LEGO sets retiring soon helps you make some decisions before they are gone forever!

Power Functions

There is always a large variety of Power Functions available at the LEGO Shop, plus with technology always updating things can become out of date quickly. But, LEGO is LEGO, sometimes you find something that works perfectly for your MOC needs, so you might not want to miss out on these!

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LEGO Creator, LEGO Store and LEGO City

The Volkswagen T1 Camper Van has been kicking around for quite a while, it's almost become a staple on the shelves that we thought would never go away, but it seems it's time has come