What LEGO Sets You Could Buy Instead Of Getting The Adidas ZX8000

Let me begin by pointing out that I don't dislike these shoes, they just aren't for me. I'm a semi-reformed sneaker collector from way back. I started collecting around 1998 and thought it was 'getting out of control' when I reached 10 pairs of sneakers. In the early 2000's I did a little bit of work for a sneaker magazine, met some people who have since turned collecting into a career, some bigwigs from Jordan Brand and many people I am still friends with today. At my collections peak, I was hitting around 150 pairs of sneakers. Which is a lot right?! Believe it or not, my collection was small compared to some people I knew.

For some tips to increase your chances of getting a pair, scroll to the bottom of this blog post.

Over the last 2-3 years, I started to move away from the sneaker game. Unlike LEGO, companies like Nike and Adidas only do a once-off production runs on sneakers. Which means once they are gone, they are gone. There is no 'retiring' of the model after 3-years. Another huge factor is hype. If you're not lucky enough to get a pair on release day for the retail price, you're likely to be paying $50-$200 (and sometimes A LOT more) above retail to get them.

The sneaker game is ruthless. People will camp out overnight and sometimes for days to get pairs, only to list them on eBay moments later. They'll line up with their whole families, including Granny, just to increase their chances of getting the shoes or getting multiple pairs.

LEGO fans, if you don't manage to get a pair, don't be upset. It's not a world you were ready to live in.

Let me put this in a way LEGO fans might understand. Do you know the LEGO Minifigure releases at ComicCon in the US? It can be kind of like that.

So instead of wasting your time and energy on a pair of shoes, just because they hold the logo of the brick company you love so much, let's take a look at some sets you could purchase for around the same price, which will bring you so much more joy.

LEGO 10262 - James Bond™ Aston Martin DB5