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New LEGO 40420 & 40421 Brickheadz - Minions 'The Rise Of Gru' Review

LEGO Minions

LEGO 40420 - Stuart, Gru & Otto

LEGO 40421 - Bob, Belle Bottom & Kevin

It was fairly inevitable that these two things would eventually cross over, LEGO and Minions. Highly marketable and good with children? You betcha! But as much as I might not really have an affinity for the LEGO Minions sets, are the Brickheadz a cut from a different cloth? Is the different art style make me tolerable to it more? We’ll see…

If you haven’t seen them now, you’ve been living under a rock. What am I talking about? The fact that they are Brickheadz, or the fact they are Minions?

I like Brickheadz, but I don’t like Minions. I like the Despicable Me franchise, it’s cute and has a fair bit of good humour. But I do not like Minions and the Minions franchise, which is really not my humour at all. It’s easy quick to get this confused, this isn’t 'Despicable Me: Origins', it’s 'Minions: the Rise of Gru'. It’s a Minions-based film and thus a Minions-based set range.

LEGO 40420

Stuart 105, Gru 104 & Otto 106