• Tim and Dannii

Review: The New LEGO City Range for 2021!

LEGO City - New Sets For 2021!

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LEGO City 2021 brings us multiple steps forward in City theme to give us a revitalising new take. This is mainly conversed through the introduction of road plates, a new modularised road/platform solution bringing the biggest evolution of the theme. As well as this new layout-friendly piece, LEGO City 2021 has a huge subtle influence of clean, green and renewable energy, with every street lamp powered by solar (and glow), multiple sets focusing on electric cars and even the largest set of the wave once again drawing attention to separating recyclables from generic garbage.

This wave of sets feels refreshing and like a huge renewal of the theme, it finally pulls LEGO City into the 21st century, whereas previously, we would describe the theme as stagnating and overdone. It’s committal to a clear outcome gives the sets of 2021 a new way to convey a very important message to the next generation, without compromising on the values of play.

LEGO 60304 - Road Plates

What better way to begin a review of the 2021 sets than none other than the road plate expansion set itself? The Road Plates set gives a very easy solution to those who wish to trial the plates in their city to see if it works for them, without having to fork out a lot more for a set that would come with these plates and a whole lot of excess things.