Review: LED Light Kit By Lightailing For LEGO 76161 Batwing

LIGHTAILING Light Set for (1989 Batwing)


Recently, LEGO have been flooding us adult collectors with 18+ sets. They are generally for display, looking great on the shelf! Or in the Batwings case, the wall. Unlikely that these will get played with, collectors are more commonly accessorising their models. Popping some LED lights in there to bring them to life. There are becoming more and more LEGO-compatible LED lighting kits available, all seem the same but different, so how to find what works for you?

We were recently contacted by Lightailing, with an offer to review one of their kits. I had been wanting to light up my Batwing, so it was kind of perfect timing. I have used other brands before, so I can happily say I have a basis for comparison. Apart from getting the kit from Lightailing, I can tell you this is not a paid review and is honest based on my experience.

But, if you do want to try Lightailing, use coupon code 'BrickBanter' for a discount.

Our pleasure!

What's In The Box

It's a stupid bit of psychology, but we humans enjoy an 'unboxing experience'. If things are presented to us nicely, we perceive them as being good. Lightailing is no exception, it's a small, clean box, which contains the instructions, battery pack and LED lights. All nicely packed in. They have kept their product quite universal, with an FAQ booklet in six languages, with pictures to make it easy.

The LED Kit

Excuse the photos. I know this looks like a hot mess, but I assure you it's not as bad as it looks. Before you do anything, the instructions advise us to test the LED lights to ensure they are all working. A smart move by Lightailing. As the wires are quite thin for these kits, if you accidentally pull one off the light while assembling, that's on you. By testing prior, you can prove the light was busted before you start installing. They are just covering themselves.

Another thing you'll notice which I wasn't expecting, is it comes with LEGO bricks! The LED lights are installed within the parts, glued in place to make it easier. Not all lighting kits do this. I used a different brand for the '89 Batmobile, which has three LED lights on each side in the headlights. These were just LED lights by themself, on the end of a wire. Which meant I spent A LOT of time trying to get them to face forward. Honestly, it was a pain in the butt. So having the LED in place, facing the right way, is a big tick in my book.