• LEGOMasterAnnie

Annie’s Top Tips For Being A LEGO Masters Contestant

Production of LEGO Masters Australia Season 3 is well underway, with other LEGO Masters series being filmed around the world. For new contestants, it's a daunting experience full of surprises and a work environment like no other. You can either sit back and enjoy the ride, or there are things you can do to prepare yourself!

I may have only been on LEGO Masters for 3.5 hours, but behind every episode was weeks of excitement and learning about being a LEGO Master. Here are my top tips for those that might be heading into the reality TV world of LEGO building.

1. Practice

You NEED to practice so you can manage your time effectively. Even if you know what you want to do, if you’ve not been able to nail it 3 times over whilst a comedian is asking you ridiculous questions, while you’re maintaining eye contact with them AND building upside down in a water tank, you’ve obviously not practised enough.

Create your own challenges, do it against the clock, throw in a twist, all while doing it blindfolded. Sure you might get put up in a hotel with a spa, surrounded by delicious restaurants. But if you want to see finals week, focus on the job at hand. Once filming finishes for the day, eat, practise, then sleep.

2. Be kind

To your partner, your fellow teams, the crew and even the producers. Kindness and compassion will give you the ability to experience the phenomenon and not look back with PTSD. It is a stressful environment, but additional stress can be avoided but not creating it.

3. Balance your build ideas

Quirky is awesome, but you also need a level of understandable that the viewer can associate with. Capturing the foundation of familiarity and adding your twist will be a useful advantage.