10 Obscure LEGO Instagram Accounts That Are Pretty Unique

Instagram is a great place to discover people with like interests to yourself, pictures of food, and photos of people with wedgies up their butt at the beach. With the feed being so consumed by people who 'woke up like this', it's easy for accounts that have actual creativity to get buried.

Even accounts like the awesome @CheepJokes are a little saturated and become 'just another LEGO photographer'. So I thought I would share some accounts that do things just a little differently!

In no particular order, here are 10 unique LEGO Instagram accounts that are well worth following.


A craft beer LEGO review account? Sure why not! I enjoy checking out the artwork on labels of craft beers as much as the next guy, but Louis takes it one step further! He creates a mini MOC that represents the beer as well!

I would love to see what he would do for Australia’s Brick Lane Brewing Co.

Louis and I nearly met in Hawaii last year when we were staying at hotel next to each other. I found out the day after leaving when I saw his Insta story. Next time Louis!


Sam not only writes some blogs for us on CheepJokes, but he is an amazingly talented LEGO Digital Designer. Wanting to build, but also wanting space to live in his inner-city apartment, Sam began building on LDD. You’ll find some familiar builds, but also some really fun and unique designs!