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20 Details Only Ninjago-Nerds Will Spot! New LEGO 71741 Ninjago Gardens

LEGO 71741 - Ninjago Gardens

It's a HUGE year for Ninjago, celebrating its 10th Anniversary! Throughout the year, LEGO will be celebrating with some legacy sets seen over the past 10-years, as well as some other collaborations. For the full press release, see the bottom of this article. Plus, we have also shared some LEGO Ninjago Prototype images!

But I am here to tell you all about the new LEGO 71741 - Ninjago Gardens set and some of the finer details you might have missed. It's easy to get distracted with these Ninjago sets, loads of colours, a massive range on Minifigures and a brick-tonne of hidden details.

I wanted to take the thinking out of it for you, by giving you a comprehensive list of all the finer, nerdier details you may not have spotted. Let's get started!

1. Leafy Lime!

Leaf colours for tree lime green. Why is this special? The colours! New minty-green!

2. New Character!

We have a new figure for a never before seen character from the show, The Mechanic!

He has an eye for detail, the other eye... Well...

3. Ronin

Ronin, a prominent side character of the show, is also back, with a new improved torso/leg print, and a new face print!

4. Clutch Powers

Clutch Powers makes another reappearance in Minifigure form, first seen in 40342, swapping out his utility belt for a new nougat satchel. Very stylish!

5. Misako

Misako also appears in the set, sporting a new torso print/jacket combo.

6. Good Parts Usage

Gold Artwork on the bannister in the middle is the tech-theme shoulder pads from 2019, new in gold.

7. Noodle Shop

The Noodle Shop is a reference to Mr Chen's Noodle House from the show. You'll also spot some nice black weiner usage above the door.

8. Not Everything Is Awesome

Nya is almost the exact same as her Ninjago movie counterpart, however now with more basic legs. Cole is almost the same as his own CMF counterpart, but the look ties across with the LEGO Ninjago Movie!

9. Ctrl+V

The Kai and Zane figures do not appear to be new at all, previously both appearing in 71705, but a fantastic way to get the Legacy versions of these characters! The 10th Anniversary of LEGO Ninjago is all about Legacy after all.

10. Malibu Stacy Has A New Hat

The new version of Lloyd as a child, in which the most recent version was 71705, but not in his child-ninja outfit. He comes with a new hair colour we haven't seen before with this piece.

11. Tribute

The Zane statue at the back of garden scape is a reference to the original end of Ninjago, where they killed of Zane as a finale against the Overlord. Due to the requests of fans, the theme was obviously ultimately continued and Zane was revived.

Ninjago was initially set to end, so as the final act they killed off the character and made a statue. They rebooted the series at fans request, so it seems fitting that a part of Ninjago real-life history is in the set.

12. Keeping It Classic - City Classic That Is!

Some of the figures that come with the garden seen to be just generic, and could easily be made with some parts at home.

13. Bionicle Feels

The top half of the building is made in the less common off-yellow, or "Keet-orange" by some classic Bionicle Fans. Coincidence considering Ninjago is now LEGO's own longest surviving licence theme surpassing Bionicles?

14. Golden Goodies

You'll get 2x 10th Year Anniversary tiles. One on Wu and one on the set itself.

15. Bigger Is Better

The expansion is actually taller by 10cm than the original Ninjago LEGO 70620 City, measuring over 29 in. (73 cm) high, 17.5 in. (44 cm) long and 13 in. (33 cm) wide, which is sure to impress when placed on display.

16. Futuristic Technology

The set also has a hoverboard moped vehicle, which seems to blend into the rest of the diorama, but is a nice touch.

17. Hidden Treasure

The roof tiles in the above picture are chest lid tops. 1x3 inverted curves used for rooftops also.

18. Inside Secrets

Miniature destiny's bounty. That's their flying home base in the show. Also some interesting details with the display case, using a treasure chest and window piece, but what is inside, we'll have to wait and see... If you know, comment below!

19. Throw Backs

Movie poster is that Space Police theme from a few years back. Likely to be reversible on this transparent window piece.

20. Bed Sheets

Ok yeah... So they are stickers... But what a better way to show love for the city you live in than getting some Ninja Bedsheets. It's our first time seeing some personalised linen in the LEGO world. I imagine putting a LEGO fitted sheet on is easier than a human one...

Also in the Ninjago fan's bedroom, you can see a micro build hanging from the roof, which will undoubtedly be a micro version of a set already released. Looking beyond this build and on the shelves behind it, there are 1x1 clips with 1x1 tiles attached, which could this be a reference to the upcoming Season 14 Catamarans?


LEGO also shared with us some prototype images from the last 10 years of Ninjago, take a l